What can Gracie eat?

July 2013
In an attempt to become healthier and hopefully resolve some long-standing issues, I recently took a food allergy test. The results were kind of depressing! Since my food choices have become rather limited, it is somewhat difficult to prepare yummy and nutritious food on a continual basis. Now that I am pregnant, it is even more difficult and more important!

I have created this blog for two reasons:
1. For those who would be blessed to make me a meal now or after birth (or just want to invite us to dinner!), this blog explains my current diet, as well as recipes I’ve found that work for me.
2. For other individuals struggling with similar multiple allergies looking for some recipe inspiration!

***UPDATE Nov2013:
Although butter was not specifically tested, my results showed allergies to all the dairy products I was tested for. I started out avoiding butter but ended up adding it back in and it greatly improved how I felt. I eat lots of organic butter and seem to do very well with it.
I also added cheese back into my diet because I’m pregnant and was running low on food choices and needed the protein. I was eating a lot of it for awhile but I have tried to scale back and only eat it occasionally. I prefer mozzarella over cheddar, both because of current taste preferences and because mozzarella tested rather low on my allergies.
I do drink raw cow’s milk but also try to limit my consumption.
I do eat string beans from time to time, but I make sure not to go overboard.
I started eating Ezekiel bread and had that for a while. I then started having too much wheat and had to completely cut it out because it was really affecting my emotional health (something I already knew). I now completely avoid wheat except for rare occasions, and I hope to continue this way. I quit eating wheat over a year ago but starting eating it again during the upheaval of our life beginning last winter, as it’s convenient food. But I’m better off leaving it alone.
I do eat foods with small amounts of sugar in them from time to time, but in general, I have avoided sugar for the past couple years.

Allergy results included the following: (capitalized words had highest reactions)

EGGS (chicken and duck)
Sesame seed
Kidney beans
String beans (i.e. green beans)
Sugar cane (sugar, brown sugar, evaporated cane juice, etc.)

Other foods I avoid for various reasons:

Soy (unless stated otherwise, most soy is GMO)
Shellfish and mollusks (lobster, crab, clam, scallop, shrimp, etc.)
corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup
vegetable oils, such as corn, peanut, soybean, etc (olive is ok)
anything that includes artificial flavors

Food products containing the previous allergens may include:

mayonnaise (eggs)
Ketchup (sugar, garlic)
tomato sauce (garlic, sugar)
salsa (garlic)
salad dressings (dairy, garlic, sugar)
baked goods (wheat, spelt, rye, almond, sugar, eggs, dairy)

Wheat, garlic, and sugar are found in numerous products that you might not suspect. Garlic can simply be lumped into “spices”. MSG is from wheat and is often categorized as natural flavorings.

What does Gracie eat?

If you know anything about metabolic typing, I am a protein type. This means that I do best on a high protein and high fat diet. Since cutting out eggs and limiting my dairy intake, I’ve had more of a struggle getting enough protein and fat. I try to consume as much meat as my pregnant self can tolerate (preferably organic/grass-fed) and consume foods high in good fats. I also supplement my diet with an omega fats product.

Honey (make sure it’s real honey)
real maple syrup (make sure it’s not maple flavored corn syrup!)
stevia (I’ve never used stevia but supposedly it’s ok)

Coconut flour would be an ideal substitute simply because it has a low carb and high fiber content. However, it’s really difficult to bake with, especially without eggs. I haven’t had much success using it.
I have used gluten-free flour mixes to make cookies with pretty good results. These flours can be a bit expensive, and it’s really not the most nutritious food, so I try not bake too much. But I’m pregnant and I want cookies 🙂

coconut oil is what I cook and bake with
olive oil, usually for dressings and flavor (I don’t usually cook with it, as it has a low burn temp making it unhealthy when cooked)
**as already mentioned, I am now eating lots of butter. I still use a lot of coconut oil in cooking and baking**


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