(Mostly) Grain-Free

For several weeks I have drastically reduced my grain consumption because I figured it would be easier on my digestion. I think it has helped, but I’ve made so many health changes it’s difficult to tell what is responsible for what. I’ve discovered that oats in particular really wreck my gut. I don’t think it was always like that but the last few times I had oats I got a terrible belly ache. I was also making some yummy quinoa barley cakes and found out those didn’t agree with me so well either.

For now, my grain consumption is limited to Ezekiel bread (sporadic) and my rice-based protein powder (Young Living’s Power Meal) which I usually have every day (always half a serving size). I eat grains when we are out and that’s what’s available.

I’m amazed at how well I’m getting by without eating grains and legumes. I used to have a big cabinet full of dry goods. Now I have one bin of shredded coconut and not much else. I’m just eating fresh vegetables, meat, and some fruit and a little cheese. I only eat eggs in coconut flour baked goods.

Granted, I struggle a bit with finding new recipes. I’m just rotating between a few and it gets kinda boring.

Anyway, just wanted to give this little update. While I crave a bowl of cereal every now and then, my body is thanking me for cutting down on grains. My digestion seems to be improving.


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